Single Price Concept Franchise in India

I am sure many of us have heard this line that it’s a single-price concept. In easy language, these are shops which sell everything for a single price like in the USA they sell everything for 1 dollar and in India the selling price is 99 rs for every product.

In today’s scenario, many brands are available with this concept in the Indian market, for example, us dollar store, store 99, gift Shoppe,99 stations, and many more.

When we look at franchises for retail businesses in the affordable range. We find these 99 stores as one of the best franchise options.

Benefits of Franchise Business in India

Benefits of taking franchise of single price concept:

  • Brand Presence
  • Recession-Proof
  • Margins are very high
  • Buyback whatever is unsold
  • Deliver at doorstep
  • Fast ROI
  • They are comparatively more affordable than other franchise business
  • Marketing and Sales Support
  • Staff Training at the Doorstep

In today’s scenario, you can start a single-price concept from 3 to 30 lac with a minimum space of 100 sqft. People love to purchase stuff from single-price stores because they get many categories of products at very affordable prices.

As a franchise, your margin varies from a minimum of 25 % to a max of 55 % of profits on products.

The single Price concept is one of the most successful franchise businesses in India

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