Here’s the story of Jawed Habib’s franchise

Jawed Habib is a well-known name in the hair and beauty industry in India. Jawed Habib’s franchise business model has been successful in establishing the brand in different parts of India. The Jawed Habib franchise model is based on providing entrepreneurs with a well-known brand name, proven business model, and comprehensive training and support.

The story of Jawed Habib’s franchise business began in 2002 when Jawed Habib, a renowned hairstylist, opened his first salon in Mumbai. The salon was an instant success, and within a few years, Jawed Habib became a well-known name in the Indian hair and beauty industry.

One of the reasons for Jawed Habib’s success in the franchise industry is its iconic brand name and recognizable logo. The Jawed Habib logo features the image of Jawed Habib himself, which has become synonymous with the brand.

Another reason for Jawed Habib’s success is its comprehensive training program for franchisees. The company provides a six-week training program for new franchisees, which includes on-the-job training, classroom training, and ongoing support. Jawed Habib also provides assistance with site selection, lease negotiations, and marketing.

Today, Jawed Habib has more than 900 salons in over 24 states in India, making it one of the largest hair and beauty franchise chains in the country. The company continues to expand its franchise network, and in 2020, Jawed Habib announced plans to open 1,000 new salons in India over the next five years.

In conclusion, Jawed Habib’s franchise business story is one of success and innovation. The iconic brand name, recognizable logo, and comprehensive training and support for franchisees have helped the brand establish itself as a leader in the hair and beauty industry in India. As the company continues to expand its franchise network, it is sure to remain a dominant player in the franchise industry for years to come.

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