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Automotive Business

The automotive sector is among the best contributor to India’s GDP. Its presence and enchantment are growing each day, now no longer simply from a user’s attitude but additionally as a commercial enterprise/carrier provider. India’s low automobile density (24 motors / one thousand persons) as compared to Western World, gives sufficient possibilities to develop this area, and whilst coupled with converting commercial enterprise situations in the car together with experience sharing/experience hailing / automobile leasing there are numerous untapped possibilities that may be cashed-withinside the subsequent 5-10 years. For instance organizations like Mobycy, Revv, Drivezy, Zoom Car, Ola, Blu Smart, Uber, and Smart-E. The used motors commercial enterprise in India has additionally long gone prepared with organizations like Olx, Car24, and Mahindra First Choice.

Franchise + Automotive = Opportunity?

Franchise commercial enterprise in India, as profitable its miles for the opposite sectors together with food/apparel/training, etc., is likewise a thrilling and ever-developing area for the car enterprise as well. It draws human beings from all nation-states and the funding is continually really well worth the shot. Franchise possibilities in the automotive sector of India can in large part be labeled into the following :

  1. Service Driven – This consists of a number of the more recent traits in the car together with experience hailing / experience sharing/automobile leasing in which the belongings are shared with the general public and the traditional ones together with automobile wash (each manual & automatic), repair & preservation centers, etc.
  1. Product Driven – This consists of extra capital-extensive organizations together with dealerships, spare components stores, used automobile outlets, vehicle mobile add-ons, etc.

Both Service Driven & Product Driven franchise possibilities may have the important thing blessings of a Franchise commercial enterprise together with

  1. Ease of Operations – Responsibilities are without a doubt divided among the Franchisee and Franchisor which enables to run the commercial enterprise easily and efficiently
  1. Market opportunity – Vehicles on the street are growing each day (almost 8000 new motors & 50,000 2Ws are bought each day in India) and this gives sufficient possibilities to serve the users. Also, with the growing experience sharing commercial enterprise fashions and having tasted the fulfillment withinside the Tier 1’s, they may be predicted to copy the equal fulfillment in Tier II cities/villages.
  1. Increased profitability in the aftermarket – A lot of carriers pushed & product-pushed franchise fashions are more and more worthwhile as used automobiles, spare components, vehicle mobile add-ons, automobile washes etc. OEM offerings are un-low cost for the majority of human beings (publish warranty) and those who are continually scouting for a dependable after-marketplace logo call for his/her carrier-associated aspects. This makes the car franchise alternatives fairly profitable and earnings oriented.


From a commercial enterprise attitude, the car area has continually been profitable, and paired with the franchise version its beauty has long gone similarly up. The untapped marketplace and converting commercial enterprise fashions primarily based totally on client alternatives make it a thrilling area.

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